Pam Nichols - Encaustic Artist


"Living, Lessons of Life"
Featured Artist at TERZIAN GALLERIES
July 29, 6-9 pm - Reception
July 30, 3-5 pm - Encaustic Demonstration
The show is up from July 25 to August 7, 2016.
625 Main Street @ the corner of Heber & Main, Park City, UT

Every day we have the opportunity to learn. We can learn from others or from our own experiences. These lessons are the building blocks for who we become and the actions we take in the future. Sometimes it may take a long time to recognize the lesson. We may find ourselves in certain situations again and again until we finally see what lesson is to be acknowledged and how we must change to move forward. Life is a continuous series of lessons, some small, others so big they can have a profound impact on our own lives as well as the lives of others.
Being present in life, living in the moment with awareness of our actions, is the first step toward growth in our lives.
I’m intrigued by life lessons and how people come to learn them. I have asked a number of people to share a lesson they have learned in life and a brief story behind it. Some lessons were learned by observing others’ actions or hearing their words, others come from personal life situations. I explore and honor the emotions in each story by translating them into color, shape, and form in my encaustic paintings.
Here are some of the lessons that folks have shared with me:
- Even though you want to die and stop after tragic losses.... life makes you breathe and you have to go on, you can't hide…
- Live where you want to Live
- Live by the Golden Rule and Smile at the World
- Staying in an abusive marriage for the sake of the children is much more destructive to them than divorce
- You can't change others. You can only change yourself and your own behaviors
- Always remember who you are and where you came from
- If someone acts depressed, there usually is a chemical imbalance in their brain - don't judge, love and support them through the cycle

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Where to find my ART:
Terzian Galleries, Park City UT - website
Art Elements, Newberg OR - website
Art on Broadway, Beaverton OR - website
Art on Oak, Hood River OR - website