• My art can be found in the following locations:

    Terzian Galleries
    625 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060
    (435) 649-4927

    Art Elements
    604 E. 1st Street
    Newberg, OR 97132
    (503) 487-6141

    Art on Broadway
    12570 Southwest Broadway Street
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    (503) 601-3300

  • Artist Bio

    Born and raised in Oregon, Pam Nichols is an accomplished professional artist. Her work in encaustic has been shown throughout the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Australia. Since attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2006 she has developed and produced several art shows around Portland, served as the President of Portland Open Studios and is currently the committee chair for two local art organizations positions. She has taught art classes throughout Oregon, Hawaii and currently teaching private lessons in Tigard, Oregon.

    Artist Statement

    Growing up around artists I explored many artistic media. Taking a class in encaustic painting in 2006, I found what I was looking for! The medium fits my personality perfectly, impatient and goofy. Working in encaustic allows me to be who I am. On the spot I can change the direction I am going and dive right into something completely different. I use found and recycled old metal objects in my work because there is an exciting challenge in turning something that has been discarded into something new. When I paint, I usually just let the medium direct me where it wants to go. Like the molten beeswax, I just let it flow.